User-driven technology breaking sales targets

Air Freshener

User-driven technology
breaking sales targets

With over 50 million units sold, the success of this air freshener speaks for itself. The first of its kind, it delivers scent by a battery powered fan - managed by IDC from insight to production

IDC designed a world-leading, bold and innovative product, which to date has sold over 50 million units.

IDC understands that constant innovation in required to stay ahead of the competition within the ever-changing and fast-paced consumer goods market.

We help out clients at any stage of their product development process and did this for Reckitt Benckiser's Air Care division. Working closely with them - following their brief and exact specifications - we developed the air freshener with a battery-powered fan. The first of its kind.

IDC took a ground up approach to the product's design by generating emotive styling concepts for the enclosures; conceptualising fragrance refill options; and testing fragrance emissions and air flow.

The team assessed power supply and managed the development of the control circuit.

When it came to manufacturing and testing the working prototypes, and overseeing production implementation, we used our extensive and technological advanced work studios and laboratories.

Through innovation and technological advancement, we created a system, a power supply and stylish design that launched in 2004 and sold over 10 million units in its first year worldwide.