IDC Invited to China-UK Business Forum

IDC was invited to attend the China-UK Business Forum which took place on 2nd February and was attended by Theresa May as part of her three day visit to China to strengthen business relations between the UK and China. The Forum focused on business cooperation in the field of medical health, science and technology, technology investment, education and foodstuffs.

As a witness to the success of British-Chinese cooperation, IDC believes that the cultural and commercial exchanges between the two countries provide great opportunities for the future.

IDC China’s team is already working alongside China’s medical device companies, supporting product developments and ensuring the highest standards of Western design quality, while taking advantage of China’s manufacturing strengths. As Theresa May summarised in her speech, “The UK and China are opening a new chapter in the Golden Era.”

Theresa May Speaking at the China-UK Business Forum

Theresa May Speaking at the China-UK Business Forum

8 February 2018