Brand development enhancing brands through design

Brand development
enhancing brands through design

Consumer trends

Brands affect all aspects of our lives. It is well documented that recognisable brands demand higher prices, enjoy better margins and obtain higher levels of customer loyalty than their competitors. At IDC we understand that building a brand is about more than logos, packaging and communications campaigns.

Designing for established brands

Established brands may have well defined guidelines and values or may simply have a strong product heritage defining their position in the market.

We understand the importance of remaining consistent with the core values without becoming constrained by the brand legacy. Our approach enables new ideas, creativity and innovation to flourish; creating products that support and extend the brand.

Building new brands

IDC has applied its experience and understanding of products, design and user insight to develop a process to enable product led companies to define and build a brand.

The process starts with understanding the client company, its products, the competitive landscape and insight into the customers' needs. Various techniques are used to express these insights to aid understanding and decision making. We use this analysis to assist the client in defining the market space.

From there, we work on creating a visual design language and brand guidelines which can be used as the basis for the product development and marketing process.

We are also able to support companies developing brands for China. This requires in-depth specialist knowledge which we offer by working alongside our team in Shanghai at IDC China.

Visual design language

A product-led branding development results in a visual design language which provides guidelines for all aspects of the product from form, details and behaviour of the key touchpoints, to packaging and product naming.

The guidelines will enable development of future products within a consistent framework of form, behaviour, colour finish and material specification.